Top 10 Online Games


Well, who doesn’t want high scores in online games? If you are one of them, then Solitaire is the right online game for you. Solitaire refers to the most popular online games which require specific skills in order to score high or win the game. The player has to think of multiple possibilities to earn a high score and need to finish the game in stipulated time to win. While playing the online game, your mind would have to focus on two things – getting a high score and completing the game within a specific time limit. With Solitaire online games, you can enhance your understanding and thinking skills and gain experience in online games.


If you are a huge fan of online games that help you to earn cash amounts, then Rummy would be the best for you. It is considered as one of the most sought online games which makes it flexible for the player to play anytime, and anywhere. Players can have access to unlimited card games and the opportunity to win cash through the platform. Besides, you can build a good connection with other players.


Online poker has been the most-loved online game for more than a decade. Through online poker, every player has the opportunity to connect with other players who are from different parts of the world. Moreover, online poker will help you win cash rewards and other token amounts to play more games. This feature of online poker makes it more appealing. With online poker games, you can easily learn gaming tactics and win huge cash rewards.

Fantasy Games

Fantasy online game makes use of the role-playing gaming concept. The players can develop their own fantasy world and play with other players. It is a multiplayer online game that would help you to interact with others and get the experience of online games. It enhances the creativity of the players as they have to imagine the background landscape and other features according to their own fantasy world.

Casual Games

Casual refers to the online game that is simplistic, fun, and easy to understand. Anyone and everyone can play it and win the online rewards because it has got a simple user-interface. This is what makes it extremely user-friendly and entertaining. The games available on Casual – Online games have short sessions which makes it easy for the player to play within the work breaks for refreshment.

Candy Crush

A world-famous online game that is based on the concept of matching. According to the gameplay, the player has to match three same candies from a lot of other candies by making a row or column. When the first three matches are complete, the candies would be removed and the player needs to form the set of other three matching candies. The players can keep doing it until they earn a high score. Besides, there are multiple levels in CandyCrush online games. You can choose the level and play it anywhere.


Minecraft is an online game that brings in challenges for the players with limitless possibilities. The players have the flexibility to choose the battle landscape, battle mobs, perform mining, and build great troops for battles. The game helps in improving the concentration of mind, creativity, and enhancing thinking power. On the basis of the performance of the players, they can upgrade their gaming level and meet new challenges.

Clash of Clans

Yet another popular online game that has facilitated more than one player at a time – a multiplayer game. The player would belong to different clans, and they will train their troops to fight against other clans. The players would earn a wide range of rewards and resources to win the game by other clans within the stipulated time. The tools and rewards in the game will help them to overcome new challenges and win the game before the other clans do.


Pokemon is a role-playing online game that makes use of a very unique gaming concept. The players have to develop their own team of monsters and battle with other teams by making use of the features of the monsters. There is a wide range of Pokemon that are divided into various categories based on their powers.

Call of Duty

World-class online game that is becoming popular for providing amazing graphics and gaming platforms. The players have to be in the war zone or on the battlefield and fight one to one. The players can choose their weapons and warzones before the game starts.


Well, this was just the set of top online games that millions of people prefer to play. You can make use of Google and its services to find more interesting online games that belong to different categories and start playing. You can choose to play the games online or download them on your smartphone and play it whenever you feel like it. So what you are waiting for, just select the best online game and get started.

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